Which Renovation Should You Tackle First?

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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It’s not unusual to look at your home and become overwhelmed with the number of changes you feel you have to make to be truly happy with your surroundings. This can make you feel somewhat dissatisfied with the state of the place as it currently stands, but it can also make the act of getting it into a superior condition feel like an insurmountable task.

Being overwhelmed can be something that prevents you from making any forward progress, so it might be best to break up what you want to do into a more digestible list. This can be a move that promotes a proactive approach and gets you thinking about which renovation to opt for first.

Aesthetic or Practical?

This might be the root of the internal conflict that you’re currently experiencing. With so many prospective changes that you want to make, you might be able to categorize them based on whether the improvement they will make to your home will be aesthetically based or practical.

 If the matter is an urgent one, going for the practical route might often be the ‘right’ one, as it can let you live more comfortably within your home, but it’s true that comfort can usually be derived from how much you visually enjoy a space.

To muddy the waters further, there will often also be functionality and design considerations to make. For instance, the kitchen is a major area of the home that, ideally, needs to be both beautiful and practical in order for everyone in the family to enjoy it. From stylish storage solutions and beautiful flooring to exquisite countertop designs from specialists like Legacy Countertops, essential elements of your kitchen can effectively dip into both columns, providing an aesthetic improvement while enhancing the quality of available space you have in this room.

The Larger Scale

It could be that you feel as though the space provided by your home limits the quality of the time you spend inside it. If so, the most realistic and feasible option in the future might be to favor an extension of the property over a move. This is a much larger renovation than some others that you might be considering, so conditions in your life (such as finances and your plans for the time throughout the renovation) must be appropriately considered before you go ahead. 

Additionally, in certain circumstances, it’s important to remember that you might need to inform or gain the permission of your neighbors and local planning authorities before going ahead with extensions and any permanent fixtures.

Those You Can Undertake Personally

Before you start thinking of the professional work that can be applied to your residence, it might be constructive to think about all the renovations you can undertake yourself. Not only will these options be less intrusive or expensive, but you might find that you’re surprised at how much of an improvement you can make through these types of changes. 

On a smaller scale, you have the ability to completely change the atmosphere of rooms like your living room by simply rearranging the furniture and trying out new styles that you think might work. To take it a step further, though, you might also be interested in how much you can shift the dynamic of a room by painting the walls a fresh color. 

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