What Are the Online Poker Tournaments in Which One Could Participate?

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Online poker tournaments are gaining the preference of the players due to the level of fun, experience, and monetary returns it offers. By paying the entrance fee, which is the minimum amount, players could enter the tournament and win exciting prizes it has to offer. The tournament has several stages, and the competition level rises with the upliftment of every tournament phase. 

There are several online poker tournaments in which a player can participate. Participation in these tournaments not only facilitates a player with monetary benefits but also improves their skills. With skills gained from experiences from these online poker tournaments, a player could play with the required proficiency.

Online Poker Tournaments in Which One Could Participate 

These are the tournaments in which players participate the most:-

  • World Series of Poker (WSOP): It is among the most prominent online poker tournaments worldwide. It was started by Benny Binion in 1970 and received the respect of several poker professionals. This tournament’s experience and monetary benefits have given it popularity among poker enthusiasts. In 2019 this was conducted in Las Vegas, and the winner won a jackpot of $10 million. The winner is also regarded with a bracelet to be identified as the winner. 
  • World Championship of Online Poker: This online tournament attracts participants worldwide. It is conducted every year and happens around September. It facilitates the players with buy-ins and prize pools, which vary in game type. It is a type of tournament which brings sparkle to the eyes of the players. The cut-throat competition and fun playing this tournament offer to the players are worth consideration. Players worldwide who are serious about poker aspire to play in this tournament. It is priorly due to the prize pool worth millions of dollars this tournament offers to the players. 
  • Triton Super High Roller Series: Triton is among the best tournaments worldwide. This tournament has a prize pool of $65,660,000. The winner takes almost half of the total prize pool from this massive prize pool. 


Online poker tournaments are the best way for players to gain experience and improve their skill sets. Participating in these tournaments facilitates the player with monetary benefits if wins and experiences worth considering, benefiting the player in every aspect. Several poker tournaments are conducted online and facilitate players’ participation benefits. Pocket52 is the best platform to choose when playing poker games. 

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