What are CVD Diamonds?

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A CVD diamond’s price will be far cheaper than a mined diamond, and today we will show you why. Until about 8 to 10 years ago, no one had ever heard of a CVD diamond, when scientists made the brilliant discovery that given the right chemical composition they could grow a diamond in the lab with a lot less effort involved than mining.

Lab Grown Diamonds vs Real Diamonds

When diamonds are grown naturally in the crust of the earth they take thousands of years to form.

However, when a diamond is a lab-grown one, it happens quite quickly with the diamond being nearly perfect, making a CVD diamond the best buy, and worth considering as an engagement ring.

A CVD Diamond is created by chemical vapour deposition and begins with a seed crystal from a high-quality synthetic diamond that is placed in a vacuum chamber. The seed is formed from carbon atoms and natural gas just like a natural diamond. CVD diamonds grow to be as hard as natural

diamonds. the interesting point about CVD diamonds for sale is that they are chemically identical to a mined diamond, and are often far more perfect. This makes them nearly impossible to differentiate from real diamonds, and a gemologist would have to look under a microscope to define the difference. The best lab-created diamond for cheap is Rare Carat, and once you visit online you won’t be able to resist the deal as there are diamonds of all shapes and sizes for your ring. Search & Buy Lab Grown Diamonds | Rare Carat

Classifying CVD Diamonds

A couple of hundred years ago, it was discovered that diamonds were pure carbon, and this is what gives them their hardness Diamonds are usually judged on the 5 Cs and they are:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight
  • Certification

On closer inspection, lab-grown diamonds appear exactly the same. Diamonds found in nature are called type 1 diamonds and contain nitrogen.

Type 1 diamonds also contain nitrogen impurities that are the result of gas on the earth’s surface. While Chemical Vapour Deposition used in the lab to create CVD diamonds forms a stone that qualifies as a Type 11A diamond that is chemically pure with no measurable nitrogen impurities and is usually colorless and flawless. So the question is, how do they test a CVD diamond?

When the gemologist looks under his glass he sees a flawless diamond that is whiter and brighter than the rest, often purer than a natural diamond. CVD diamonds make these amazing stones accessible to all as they are cheaper than the original but are still the purist diamonds.

To me, this means the diamond is flawless and perfect, a ring that I would much prefer over a mined diamond with slight faults, and with real diamonds versus lab diamonds, the price clinches the deal.

CVD Diamonds Price

Whereas a 1-carat natural diamond will cost between 8 and 9 thousand dollars. The same 1-carat lab-grown diamond only costs $1500, a saving of around $7,000. The idea of perception is important, so before you purchase your lab-grown engagement ring make sure that your future wife is happy to have a lab-grown diamond. Many young couples jump at the opportunity to save money for their new home, instead of spending it on an expensive ring.


The best place to buy lab-grown diamonds for cheap is Rare Carat. The way the site is set up will give you are hassle-free experience and you will place your order allowing the ring to be completed and sent to your home.

  • Pick your diamond and the setting, a wide choice is available
  • The complete ring and setting show you just how the ring will look
  • Go to check out page to pay for the ring
  • If you don’t find the setting you want customized options are available
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  • The night before you will be emailed by the company, so you need to be home to sign for it.

There are a wide range of diamonds on the Rare Carat website and of course, lots of settings in choices of white gold and gold making it easy to put your final choice together. Rare Carat only sells diamonds, and in a way, this makes your choice a lot easier.

You are offered a free Gemologist check on all GIA-certified diamonds, plus the 4 cs Diamond Buying Guide.


Real diamonds versus lab diamonds are the right choice when you purchase your CVD diamond from Rare Carat.

Rare Carat offers you the best possible experience when purchasing your ring online. They are the experts in all things diamond, so why go anywhere else?

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