Top 5 Swimsuits for Curvy People

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Ah, summer. The warm weather, the sunshine and the beach—oh yeah, and also having to put on a swimsuit. If you’re tall and have been blessed with more curves than an Italian woman’s kitchen, finding a suit that fits can be a challenge. 

To help you out with that problem, here are the top 5 picks of the best curvy swimwear for curvy women:

Blouson Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that is both flattering and comfortable, blouson swimsuits are a perfect choice. The flattering cut of these suits allows them to flatter all body types and they’re also incredibly comfortable. Blouson swimsuits can be worn in or out of the water as well as during other activities such as running errands or going out to eat at a restaurant.

Blouson swimsuits are also easy to wear because they don’t require much effort when it comes to putting them on. All you have to do is slip into it, put on some jewellery then you’re ready for fun!


If you have a larger bust, or if you’re looking for a swimsuit that can provide coverage without being restrictive, the tankini is an excellent choice. As its namesake suggests, it’s a style of bathing suit that combines aspects of both a one-piece and a tank top together.

Tankinis are designed to be more comfortable and breathable than other options on this list. This makes them ideal for anyone who spends time in the water (or wants to spend less time out of it due to unwanted tan lines). Tankinis also come with built-in support for those who want extra security when they’re lounging around on the beach or by the poolside!

High-waisted bikini

High-waisted bikinis are a great choice for curvy women. They emphasise your waist, which will make you look more balanced, and they help to cover up any tummy issues you may have. If you want to show off your curves, this is a good option because it will compliment your figure while still being fairly covered up.

Kaftan or Beach Cover Up

Kaftan-style cover-ups have become a staple of the summer season. These full-length, loose-fitting kimono-style dresses can be worn as a skirt or top. They’re also perfect for wearing over your swimsuit to make you look more beachy and boho chic. If you like the idea of a kaftan but would rather keep it casual, try pairing it with denim shorts or leggings instead of pants or jeans!

Cut-out Swimsuit

This style is ideal for a day at the beach or pool. Cut-out swimsuits are great for curvy people because they showcase your curves and show off your body in all its glory. The two-piece cut-out swimsuit by different brands is a great example of this style. It’s made from nylon/spandex, which means it will stretch to fit you perfectly and not cling too tightly to your body (no matter how many doughnuts you eat).

The great thing about swimsuits is that they’re a great way to show off your curves, no matter where you are. As long as you find one that fits well and looks good on you, you can feel confident about showing off those curves!

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