The Difference Between WordPress Developer and Web Developer: How to Choose the Best One

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By Alex Curran
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The demand for WordPress developers is growing rapidly. With the number of wordpress website development companies as their content management system (CMS) is growing, there is a high demand for WordPress developers who can build and maintain these websites. There are two types of professionals who can work as WordPress developers: web developers and WordPress developers. Both roles are essential for website development but have different responsibilities and skill sets that set them apart from one another. Let’s look at the differences between these two roles, how they differ from one another and which one you should choose based on your skill set and professional goals.

What is a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer builds themes and plugins for WordPress. They are responsible for the overall development, design and maintenance of websites built with WordPress. A WordPress developer has extensive knowledge of WordPress, its code, plugins, and how they all work together to build a website. A WordPress developer can create a new theme, edit an existing theme, fix bugs within the code, create functionalities and do other general tasks like SEO and content creation.

A WordPress developer can also create custom functionality by coding it in the language of WordPress, PHP. They are responsible for fixing any errors and bugs in the code. WordPress developers work with designers and the client to create a design and layout for the website. Once the design is complete, they code the design into a working website. A WordPress developer works with clients to create a content management system for the website so that the client has full control over the website content.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a software engineer whose primary responsibility is building and designing websites and applications for companies and clients. In many cases, a web developer may also be a WordPress developer, but the two roles have different functions within the website development cycle. A web developer builds the front end of a website, which is what the visitors see when they are on the website. This includes the design, layout, functionality and user experience.

A web developer designs and writes the code that brings together the design elements, such as fonts, images, buttons, and layout. A web developer is also responsible for testing and debugging the code to make sure there are no bugs or errors within the code. A web developer creates the user experience to make sure that the visitor has a smooth and seamless experience on the website.

Differences Between WordPress Developers and Web Developers

As we just talked about above, there are differences between the two roles and they are as follows:

Skillset – Web developers have a design background, and WordPress developers have a coding background. While both web developers and WordPress developers understand the design of websites and have experience in creating and designing them, WordPress developers have more in-depth knowledge and skill sets for working with WordPress code and plugins.

Responsibilities – While both web developers and WordPress developers have a say on the front end of the website and the back end of the website, WordPress developers are more involved with the back end. WordPress developers have larger roles in the website and content management system. They help build the database and make sure the site works smoothly. They also help build and design the website layout. Web developers are also responsible for the back end, but they are not as involved with the content management system.

Why Is It Important to Know the Difference?

Knowing the difference between WordPress developers and web developers is important because it can help you decide the best type of developer to hire based on the needs of your website. If your website has complex functionality and requires a high level of customization, you need a developer who is skilled in coding.

If your website is simple and requires basic functionality, a designer who understands WordPress can help you get the features you need. If you’re hiring a developer, it’s important to know the difference between WordPress developers and web developers so you can hire the best person for the job.


The WordPress developer is the one who codes and designs the website, while the web developer is the one who only codes the website. With the growing demand, the role of a WordPress developer is getting more and more recognition. Many people think that if you want to become a WordPress developer, you need to be a web developer too. That is not true. A WordPress developer can be a web developer but not all web developers are WordPress developers. You can choose either one based on your skill set and professional goals, and you can find the right person to hire for your website.

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