Solar Water Heater vs. Tankless Water Heater: Pros and Cons

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Householders surely use this or that kind of water heater. The only exception is a personal lifestyle that excludes merely all products of technological progress. We’ll discuss the things required by the majority of people. One of them is a water heater. Instead of waiting until the water gets heated on a stove, you can use this intelligent and simple device. It heats the required amounts of water in a few seconds. Most people prefer an option without a tank for its energy efficiency and speed of heating. We will focus on it in our blog post.

You should know that these heaters are divided into several types. The division depends on their fuel types. These are commonly gas or electric types. They have their pros and cons. You can select a perfect option according to your needs and certain circumstances. In the meanwhile, many people claim that solver water heaters are better. This dispute continues for many years and got interested in it. We have decided to compare solar water heaters vs. tankless ones to define which one is better.

Afterward, finding a Noritz contractor will become your main task because you will surely need someone competent to install and maintain the device you’ll choose to buy. Let’s check the pros and cons of solar vs. tankless water heater to understand which one is more suitable for your house.

The Pros of a Tankless Option

Our comparison of tankless water heaters vs. solar water heater starts with the tankless unit. It works by using water directly. The advantages are very significant and beneficial for anyone. They are as follows:

  • It heats it in about 5-10 seconds only.
  • Unlike the unit with a tank, a tankless analog does not keep water heated in the tank all the way. So, it consumes less energy.
  • The ability to get hot water on demand without waste of time.
  • It has a compact design and will never take up a lot of space in your house.
  • It is more affordable than a solar system.
  • Offers a high-efficiency factor.
  • Useful for large households with significant needs for warm water.
  • It allows saving from 30% to 40% on energy and expenses.
  • The lifespan can reach 20 years.

These benefits are incredible, aren’t they? Our review of the tankless natural gas water heater vs. solar photovoltaic electric shows that the tankless version is truly worth your time and attention.

The Cons of a Tankless Option

Now, we should check the cost of our solar hot water heater vs. tankless comparison. The main con is the cost of the installation of this device. It is pretty expensive itself. Moreover, the cost increases if your house is old and has an old system of pipes. They must be adjusted to the new device that does not fit them at all. In case your house is new, it surely suits any modern tankless water heater.

The second drawback is the water capacity of this device. When several people use it at the same time, it may not be able to supply everyone. Someone will have to wait a bit longer to get the water heated to the desired temperature. In the meanwhile, this process will take just about 30-60 seconds. Therefore, it’s not that long, and this drawback is not decisive. After all, this issue can be solved if the power of your device is more considerable.

The Pros of a Solar Analog

The comparison of tankless water heater electric vs. solar heater continues by mentioning the main benefits of using the solar analog. The solar device heats water by storing it in a specific collector. It has great benefits as well and can suit your household under certain conditions. Make allowances for its strong sides:

  • An incredibly cost-efficient because it uses the sun as fuel.
  • Can work with a current water heater you already have.
  • It is adaptable and efficient.
  • Saves a lot of money on monthly and yearly billings for electricity. It can save up to 50%-80%.

As you can see, these advantages are very profitable for anyone.

The Cons of a Solar

Sometimes, the choice of a solar unit isn’t reasonable for householders. Our tankless water heater vs. solar water heating comparison surely highlights these obstacles as well. Let’s review them here below:

  • Its upfront cost is very expensive.
  • It is not quite profitable if you have a small house.
  • Demands more space in comparison to the tankless option.
  • Does not work well in snowy regions where the lack of this sunlight is especially critical.

Remark! The initial tankless water heater vs. solar water heater cost shows that a solar water heater requires more money. This is a sufficient drawback for people with limited budgets. Nonetheless, this con may turn into a pro in the long run. If you count all the money you will spend on energy in some 5-10 years by using solar and tankless units, the solar type is surely more profitable for you.

Final Comparison

Both options have their pros and cons. The tankless unit costs less, suits large households, and can be used anywhere. Its installation costs are pretty pricey.

The upfront cost of a solar analog is much higher. However, this con disappears in several years. It helps to save up a lot of money – 50-80%. It makes little use in regions with a cold climate because clouds and snow commonly hide the sun.

The Defining Part

The choice of tankless water heater vs. solar is not quite easy. You need to review both options from all possible angles. We have provided you with pure facts that help to make a fair conclusion. Which one to choose? This choice is left to you. We only hope that we have helped to clarify everything to make the right decision for you and your family. Reread our tankless vs. solar water heater comparison if you need to clarify any uncertainties.

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