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By Alex Curran
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With the advent of new technologies, keeping your home clean and tidy has become much easier. Now there are many devices that can do all the work for you. We will talk about the most interesting ones in this article.

Smart table

In 2021, the Sobro Smart Side Table was released. Outwardly, it is no different from a minimalist bedside table, but the functionality is extensive. Sobro will lull you to sleep with the sounds of nature, generate white noise at night, drowning out the sounds from the street, and wake you up in the morning with LED soft lighting, similar to the sunrise.

For a party with friends, put on your favorite music and cool drinks. The table syncs with your phone’s voice assistant and can wirelessly charge multiple gadgets at the same time. You can buy for $899.

Clever mirror

The smart mirror was presented in September by a startup from New York. Mirror develops a training program tailored to your preferences and individual characteristics – weight, heart rate, body temperature and others.

Exercise videos are displayed on the surface so that you can see both the coach and yourself, as well as your progress. You can practice any kind of sport of varying degrees of difficulty – even dancing, even boxing (more than 50 types in total). Now the mirror can be bought for $1495.

Mirror stylist

Many have been waiting for this development for a long time, and in 2018 at CES, Haier showed a smart stylist mirror. It analyzes your taste preferences and wardrobe, suggesting different combinations every time you don’t have time to figure out what to wear.

In order to get started, you will have to spend some time and manually chip each piece of clothing. But after that, you don’t even have to think about where everything hangs, lies, and moreover, how to take care of it. This year it is planned to open pre-order.

Smart tiles

In September of this year, the well-known company Nanoleaf demonstrated Canvas smart tiles. It is controlled by an application where you can adjust the brightness and color using a variety of modes (including rhythmic lighting with music integration), and also responds to touch and voice.

Canvas is embedded among ordinary tiles in any order, or you can place them on the entire wall. Cost from $230 for nine tiles.

A screen that limits peripheral vision

This year, Panasonic presented a device that caused a mixed reaction. Wear Space can be of great help to both office workers and those who work remotely, but do not have enough conditions for a workspace.

The device resembles blinders. The fabric screen is located in a tape along the back and temporal parts of the head, limiting peripheral vision by 60%. There are also integrated headphones with noise reduction function. This device allows not only to work, but also to use online entertainment, for example, to play slot games on the casino website. The screen can already be pre-ordered for $250.

Gadget that can stack things

It’s hard to resist a gadget that folds things for you. FoldiMate neatly folds 40 pieces of clothing in four minutes. The owner only needs to put them one by one.

This device was presented this year. It is not yet universal – underwear, children’s underwear and large down jackets will have to be put away in the closet on their own. But you can already pre-order for $980.

Smart shower

This year, Kohler showed new developments in the smart bathroom. Before you arrive, the smart shower adjusts the water to the desired temperature and jet, and if you want to take a bath, just say it out loud – it will pour water and turn on a soft, relaxing light above the mirror.

The toilet seat will turn on pleasant music. The set will cost from £3,000.

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