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The islands of Venice, just like Venice itself, are tourist destinations all months of the year. For instance, if you visit Burano your eyes can enjoy the thousands of colors of the houses, painted that way so that fishermen could see them on their return even in thick fog, a typical feature of the Venetian Lagoon, especially in the winter months.  

Murano is itself composed of 7 islets, interconnected by bridges. It is among the most populated in the entire venetian lagoon and its glass represents one of the oldest realities of Venice: its creation goes on through time and never gets old. The magnificent history of Murano glass starts in 1291, when the glass furnaces were moved from Venice to Murano, as they were the major cause of fires. Visiting glass furnaces is still possible today, and to every visitor it conveys many emotions that are worth experiencing if you come to visit our lagoon.

Murano artisans, called master glassmakers, rely on techniques handed down for nearly 500 centuries. While more classic and traditional workmanship remains a fixed and important staple among glass workers, more modern creations that fit our times are also studied and then created. From the moment the furnaces were moved permanently to Murano, here is where a community was born. As mentioned above, the master glassmakers passed on their knowledge to those who would take their place. The best-known technique of glass working is that of blown glass. However, it is important to know that new techniques of glassmaking have also arisen over time: that of fusing or casting glass.

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