Knitting Yarn Projects for Beginners

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Beginners should take on projects that are easy to understand and do. The type of yarn to use and the hook to utilize depending on your preference. This means that you should use the yarn and hook that you currently have in your craft box. If you have a chunky yarn or a normal-sized yarn, you can still practice and create beautiful beginner projects that you can be proud of. 

Beginner Yarn Projects

Do a chunky wool scarf using a garter stitch styleImage

Beginners should always pick patterns that are not complicated. Beginners tend to pick designs that are beautiful and intricate but are, at the same time, difficult to do. When starting, you should focus on the skills of tension and the ability to create even stitches across rows. 

To do this, you can start with a chunky wool scarf. Chunky yarn is easy to handle and knit compared to the smaller ones available in the market. The size of the strand is good for the grip for beginners. 

Since a scarf is just a straight fabric design, no turning and shaping are needed. You can even hide inconsistencies if you will use chunky yarns for your material. 

Create a potholder for your kitchen Image

Another simple project for beginners is a potholder. The design is small and manageable. And since it is a useful material in the kitchen, it can create a response from you to create more for your home use. This gives you the motivation to develop your skills and enhance your grip and knitting control. 

Because of the small design, it is easy to finish. You can see your final result in a matter of minutes or hours depending on the level of the start-up that you are in right now. You can practice various stitches on your potholder. 

Make a beanie for a child Image

A beanie is more challenging to do compared to the scarf or potholder but it does have its rewards. It trains you to use smaller needles because of the size of the yarns used for beanies. 

Do not rush yourself into finishing the beanie. Take your time to observe yourself while knitting a beanie. Take note of the mistakes that you are doing so that you can improve on them. Remove bad practices as early as you can.

Create fingerless glovesImage

Another simple design that you can create for your use is fingerless gloves. Colder days can be just a month ahead. To prepare for the season, you can make fingerless gloves for yourself and your friends. 

If you think that you already know the basic patterns, you should try to develop your skills more by taking on more complicated patterns. 

Produce a stitched heartImage

You can never go wrong with a stitched heart. Some of you may have used the simple design. Everyone gains knowledge and skills during the repetition. You should practice the same heart design but with more difficult stitch patterns. You can find lots of simple projects of simple stitched heart designs online. 

Try a coaster Image

Another simple project that you can try is a cup coaster. Many beginners have tried using simple patterns for cup coasters. Doing more cup coasters can also be your basis in terms of current skills and knowledge.


Beginners who want to train themselves in the art of crocheting or knitting can definitely try the yarn projects listed above. These projects use different yarn sizes and materials. From using chunky yarn of various colors and materials to utilizing various hook or needle sizes, you can widen your training and maximize the current tools that you have. Take it slow on this process. You will eventually get the hang of it. And do not forget to have fun while doing it. 

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