Important Paperwork Needed When Opening a Business 

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By Alex Curran
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Ensuring that all legal essentials are covered in written documentation is one of the cornerstones of running a successful small business. Many business owners disregard this need, and many pay the price when something goes wrong. You will be able to defend yourself and your company in the event of a legal dispute by documenting all of your organization’s legal facets thoroughly. 

Ensure all the necessary paperwork is in place to ensure the business’s growth. Working with a Henderson Business Disputes Attorney will help you ensure you do not miss any crucial aspects.

An enterprise plan 

A solid business plan outlines the reasons for your venture, the market gaps it hopes to address, and the organizational structure. Potential investors and lenders can see how the enterprise will pay back their trust and money if they accurately evaluate the income predictions and expenses. 

Organizational Paperwork 

If you plan to launch your business with partners or shareholders, you must have either a partnership agreement or an LLC operating agreement.

One person can run a sole proprietorship, but doing so exposes you to a higher risk of financial loss should things go wrong. If you choose to incorporate, simply submitting the required paperwork to the Secretary of State is insufficient. 

Licenses and permits for businesses 

Depending on the kind of business you are beginning, you might need to apply for government licenses and permits. Without them, you risk being fined or perhaps being in charge of a shutdown. 

A buy/sell contract 

If your business has shareholders or partners, you might want to predetermine what occurs to ownership if one of the owners passes away, retires, or decides to pursue other endeavors. A buy/sell agreement establishes the conditions under which investors in the company may be brought in or purchased out. 

Employment contracts 

If you intend to engage staff, it is essential to have written contracts stipulating all aspects of the employment, including salaries, hours, duties, and other considerations. It will clearly define expectations for the management team and workers. To preserve trade secrets and customer lists and to forbid the employee from competing for a certain amount of time after leaving her job, an employment agreement may include a non-disclosure or non-compete clause. 

A personnel manual 

The employee handbook, which builds on the employment agreement, might outline additional management policies for the company, such as scheduling and leave regulations and other specific procedures. As required by federal and state law, employers must inform employees of their privileges under civil rights, equal opportunity, and other laws. The employee handbook is useful for compiling all necessarily written notifications in one location.

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