How Bubble Mailers Can Benefit Your Business

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By Alex Curran
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Bubble mailers are sturdy polyethylene bags used for shipping items. Resembling an envelope, these mailers have an inner lining of bubble wrap that protects the items inside during transit. Available in various inner dimension sizes, from 4” x 7” to 14” x 19”, these mailers are ideal for packaging delicate and self-fragile items. So, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of these handy mailers.

Protect Objects Before and During Transit

An undeniable benefit of bubble mailers is they can protect objects, thanks to their multilayer design. The inner lining of air bubbles cushions items and keeps them from being jostled. This packing is perfect for more rigid objects like jewelry, DVDs, and mobile phones prone to damage. This feature, plus its waterproof, tear-resistant outer material, minimizes much of the damage that can happen in storage and during shipping.

Self-Sealing With a Strong Adhesive

Bubble mailers are self-sealing, so you don’t need to waste time with additional taping. This seal is made of an industrial-strength adhesive that provides an airtight seal that keeps your items safe. Additionally, this strong seal reduces the chances of tampering because it is difficult to pry open. Any attempts will be immediately apparent.

Easy to Write On

With a smooth outer shell, these mailers have the ideal surface for printed, sticker, and handwritten labels. Smear- and smudge-resistant, your labels will stay in place, which reduces the chances of anything getting lost in the mail. This smooth surface also means bubble mailers can be customized with branding designs such as images, taglines, and logos for a more personalized touch.

More Economical

Bubble mailers bring down costs for two reasons. Firstly, they reduce the need for extra void-filling material so that you can save on the extra package. Secondly,  packing items is faster, thanks to an easy insertion and sealing process, saving your resources and time. You can get your items shipped out sooner and more economically.

Lightweight and Compact

Even though bubble mailers come in a variety of sizes, they are designed to be lightweight. They add minimal weight to your shipping, reducing postage which saves money. Also, they are compact because of their flat envelope design, taking up less space and reducing wasted space in both storage and shipping. You can ship more items at once, saving resources in the long run.


Many bubble mailers currently available are recyclable. Not only are these mailers made of post-consumer material, but they are also reusable and recyclable like other plastic bags. They lower landfill waste, making them more sustainable than other packing methods. So you can ship as necessary, knowing you are reducing your environmental impact.   

Wrapping Up

With so many benefits, bubble mailers can be a worthwhile investment. So take the time to consider your items and reassess their shipping needs. Hopefully, this guide has helped explain all the benefits of these protective mailers and how they can streamline your business for quicker, more convenient shipping!

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