Data Security: Why Your Information is Safer in The Cloud

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Data Security

Technology has permitted all aspects of how businesses operate, make sales, interact with stakeholders, and manage their internal processes. This technological infrastructure that your business depends on needs a “home” and that either means an on-premises server or a cloud service. While each option has its merits and demerits, this article will show that from a cybersecurity standpoint: cloud storage is superior. 

Cloud Providers Have Unparalleled Cybersecurity Expertise

Data is becoming valuable and cybercriminals know that they can profit from controlling your data either by selling it off or by extorting you. With cybercrime rising steadily, your best bet for data security is with a cloud provider. Think of what happens when you sign up for managed web hosting services; you basically outsource all security matters to the provider. You don’t have to worry about the actual security systems in place. Cloud servers invest heavily in cybersecurity, this is almost more important than their actual server infrastructure. Most people, even seasoned cybersecurity experts, can’t match the level of security that reliable cloud services give you. 

Data Redundancy Protocols Secure Your Data

Imagine you have an on-site server for your business data. What happens when a system failure or another mishap deletes or corrupts your data? If you have a backup server on premises, what if a flooding incident or an accidental fire destroys both your main and backup servers? How good is your file management strategy? These are not worries when you use a good cloud service since they have data redundancy protocols. Data redundancy means that user data is stored in more than one location on the server network which creates backup data for when your data is corrupted or deleted. 

Physical Server Security Stops Becoming an Issue

You can have the best cybersecurity system on your server but all of it becomes useless if a malicious party can physically access your server. Most small businesses can’t afford the high-security measures that need to be implemented to keep their server and computer systems secure. And even if they could, this is money that could be better spent on growing their business. You can save yourself this expense, and the accompanying headache, by using cloud servers. 

Cloud Services Can Afford to be Constantly Vigilant

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape. The tools that are effective today can be obsolete tomorrow as cybercriminals are also constantly innovating. Cloud services know this and they have invested heavily in monitoring tools and personnel to keep their systems under 24/7 surveillance. You can’t match this, no matter your cybersecurity expertise. Cloud services are always at the forefront of developing and implementing new security tools. Their systems run the best available security features, and they are obsessively updated and patched. 

Cloud Services Have to Comply with Regulatory Standards

Data safety is a growing concern and most countries and territories have laws requiring commercial cloud services to uphold the highest cybersecurity measures. In some cases, they may get regular compliance inspections and they are required to report any significant data breach attempts. 


Cloud services offer unmatched data security due to their increased capacity to hire the best cybersecurity experts, to constantly monitor their systems, and to develop and implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Their redundancy protocols secure your data against accidental/malicious data loss or data corruption. You’ll also stop worrying about the physical security of your server. 

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