Can You Make Money From Fighting Games?

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By Alex Curran
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Are you a fighting game enthusiast looking to see if it’s worth something? Well, you couldn’t be more right. Nowadays, fighting games have other separate genres such as action and adventure. These games are very popular because of their competitive level.

Pre-teens in the 90s had a major thing for the Mortal Kombat game when it was launched. While the love for mortal kombat remains, there are different games to play as well.

You would be surprised to hear that now you can earn while playing mortal kombat online. It is one of the highest-paying games available.

Many people like games with a lot of action; there are games made on wars and simple fighting games where you choose your character, and you have a brawl until the best one wins. It is not just the adrenal rush; some players are good at such games, and their skill set takes them further in levels.

The love for fighting games

Fighting games have lost their popularity but that does not mean these games are not good. Fighting games have a separate fan base that invests time upgrading their character.

While fighting games have a similar set of keys and not much storyline, most young generations do not find it challenging. But in reality, fighting games are very challenging on the strategy you use behind every move and your opponent’s choice.

If you still wonder what qualifies as a fighting game, it has a simple definition. Any game requires you to choose a character against an opponent and have one-on-one combat.

Most gamers play it for nostalgia, but now these fighting games have a bigger niche, making them a high-paying game genre. If you have the skill set to win fighting games one after the other, use your skill to earn a few bucks.

Top Fighting Games That Pay

Gamers have different choices of games when it comes to playing online games. Today the games almost all pro players play are to earn enough to make a living. For such an ambition, it is important to choose a game that is intellectually challenging and does not have a lot of players.

According to this fact, fighting games have become a pool of large sums that players need to earn it. It does not imply that fight games have fewer players, but this online game genre requires a specific niche that enjoys fight games.

Here are a few fighting games that help players earn good money upon playing daily. The hours invested in the game add up to the wins you make per game.

1.   Mortal Kombat X

Every game has separate collecting units that can be withdrawn after a specific limit. As the world now has dwelled in Krypto, most online games use Krypto for award redeeming. Mortal Kombat X is an online game for those who like to play fighting games on their android or other accessible screens.

If you Like mortal kombat and think you are good enough to compete against online competitors, then start earning today. With the Mortal kombat X version, you can collect the koins MKX and use them later to redeem your cash prize.

The koins are easily earned throughout the game, and you can jump-start with the koins with only 2 hours of daily gaming. If you like fighting games and want to invest your time earning from these games, then check out and start earning with your favorite game genre.

2.   Street Fighter V

This game has become one of the most competitive and most played fighting games in the game world. Players who invest in this game compete in international tournaments and win heavy cash prizes.

Even online players of this game have proven to earn a good amount monthly. The game is all about choosing a character and playing against the opponent. The graphics of this game are very lifelike, and a touch of fantasy is added as well.

Each character has a set of specific skills and tricks which helps them in combat. This fighting game became so popular that now there are frequent tournaments with at least $20,000 worth of cash prizes.

The hype about street fighter V spread like wildfire and players started coaching online. If you are a pro player and love fighting games, then $100 an hour of coaching certainly does not hurt.

3.   Super Mario Bros Melee

One of the most loved android fighting games is the super Mario bros melee. It is a co-creation of Nintendo and Gamecube. It is a fascinating game for millennials as it brings many childhood memories.

This game has Mario and Luigi, the princes, and other gaming characters. The game is a combat form, which includes beating the opponent for coins and lottery wins. The more coins you win, the more chances of earning you have.

This game is one of the most high-paying games available on android. You can play it on Pc, but it will be unpaid and illegal.

4.   Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is the large chapter of a 20-year-old story of the Mishima feud. Even though this is an arcade game it has made it to the top of gruesome fighting games. It has all the drama and intense fighting you may need.

This game can be played online and offline. While the offline version doesn’t have any earnings or scoring, it has a better display. 

The Tekken 7 online game is a good earning source as the game itself is worth a lot. Another fast way of making money with Tekken is Tekken bowling.

Tekken has different versions, as expected. But each version has a different storyline and a different level of reward. The tournaments held for Tekken 7 are high cash prizes.

5.   Brawl Hala

A Viking-style combat game that fighting game lovers have loved. This game is pure one-on-one combat on different sets. It can be played online and also offline.

Online players have started to pick up on the earning statistics now, as this is a fairly new game. The characters are fantasy and have a set of different magical skills. To combat, one requires a PC to play.


Fighting games will always remain a favorite game genre, and they will always have a bigger niche. That has been seen statistically. While many games try to eliminate violence, fighting games have kept games in sync with reality, and that is why players are earning well enough with popular fighting games online.

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