5 Tips To Look Slimmer In A Swimsuit

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Being confident in a swimsuit is an essential part of wellness and happiness. But as we all know, it can be hard to feel self-assured when surrounded by images emphasising what’s “wrong” with your body. Whether you’re trying to slim down for a summer trip or just want to feel better about yourself, here are five flattering swimwear tips for making sure you look good in that bikini:

Make sure it fits!

You may have heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: you should always try on a swimsuit before you buy it. What if the suit you like doesn’t fit? You’ll be out of luck and stuck with something that isn’t right for your body type. And then where will you be? You’ll have to return that swimsuit, wasting time and energy! Instead, look for tummy-control swimwear that helps flatter your curves. 

Wear black

Wearing black is one of the most effective ways to look slimmer in a swimsuit. Black doesn’t just look great on you but also makes you feel slimmer because it isn’t as harsh as other colours around your body. Wearing black will also give your body shape and accentuate what you want people to notice about your body. For example, if you have a nice waistline or a good butt, this will be highlighted by wearing all-black swimwear.

You can also wear different coloured tops or bottoms with black bottoms so that the top doesn’t become too overwhelming or distracting from what you’re trying to show off!

Add a wrapper or sarong

Consider wearing a sarong if you’re worried about covering up your tummy. You can wrap a sarong around the hips to conceal bulges or create a slimming effect. A large one can even cover the thighs and hips simultaneously. You can also use it as a wrap for your shoulders and chest, but don’t forget to leave space between your skin and the fabric to get maximum coverage without feeling restricted or uncomfortable in summer!

Use a pushup or moulded cup bra

You can also achieve a slimmer look by using a pushup or moulded cup bra. Pushup bras are more flattering than regular bras, as they lift your breasts higher onto your chest and make them appear fuller. They’re made with a moulded cup, meaning that the cups have gel or foam padding to give the appearance of more cleavage.

Tan the right way

The right way to get a tan is with gradual self-tanning lotions. You can also use a spray tan, but make sure it’s from a reputable place, and your spray-tan specialist does not apply too much product to the area.

  • When shopping for a new swimsuit, don’t just look at the top or bottom size. Make sure both pieces fit well and flatter your body type.
  • The best way to know if something will make you look good is by trying it on! It may seem silly, but nothing compares once you see how something fits in person. If possible, try things on at multiple stores or online so you know what works best for your body type before making a purchase decision!

Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to embrace swimsuit season. Remember, everyone has their body type and style, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks until you find something that works for you!

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