5 Reasons for Cryptocurrency that Beat Physical Commodities Like Diamonds and Gold

Alex Curran
By Alex Curran
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Traditional ways of investments are gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum while the latest ways of investments are cryptocurrency stocks and NFTs. people are shifting from traditional ways to trending and online ways. Cryptocurrency set the new path for investments and tradings. Now people feel confident to invest in the digital market to make digital assets irrespective of physical assets. 

There is numerous reason for leaving the physical market and investing in the digital market for asset building. The growth of physical assets is limited and does not give a spontaneous effect on the profit range while digital assets are growing rapidly and gave huge among of profit with no time. 

Recently the bitcoin is hanging around 19,000 dollars to 20,000/- dollars and many experts predict that within 10 years it goes towards a 2500% increase in the bitcoin price. This huge increase never occurs in the physical commodity whether it’s gold, silver, or diamonds. 

The stocks of any cryptocurrency are bought from the cryptocurrency exchange like binance, Kraken, and KuCoin. You have to register on the KuCoin website to avail the buying and selling facilities. All the legitimate and popular altcoins, tokens, and NFTs are enlisted on the KuCoin dashboard. KuCoin also provides a wallet facility to keep your digital assets and currency secure, safe, and sound. These wallets are invulnerable to hackers. 

The physical market of commodities has limitations in growth while the digital market has a lot of potential against them. There are multiple reasons that defined the growth or potential of any product whether digital or physical.


Buying physical products is riskier than digital because of their genuineness and security. Only a concerned person knows about the genuineness of gold or diamonds. Generally, people are used to saving their important items, retirement cash, and jewelry in the safe. But they do not expect that there are higher chance of robbery or stealing these items from the safe or wallet. Stealing factor increase the risk related to physical items that frustrate the investor or traders. Despite that digital assets are far from stealing or robbery. The person’s digital assets are locked in a digital wallet and they are opened only by the owner with a password that is memorized by the concerned owner. 


The margin of stability in the physical commodities is low as compared to the digital assets. The physical assets lose value at the time of recession while digital assets have the margin to remain stable at the time of economic recession. After a recession, the recovery of its original value is a little bit difficult for physical commodities however, the recovery of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin price is quite satisfactory.  

Easily transferable

The transformation of any assets is a major concern to the stakeholders. Physical assets need paperwork, time, and security for their delivery while digital assets need just a laptop or internet connection. You can transfer digital assets like bitcoin without the worry of any time laps, security, or paperwork. An owner just makes a couple of clicks and receives or transfers the assets speedily without the restrictions of geographical boundaries.

Nominal fee

The buying and selling of any assets include the commission of an advisor or agent. In the physical market, heavy commissions are involved to complete the transaction while in the digital market the crypto exchanges charge a nominal fee on the transaction that is less than the physical commission. Despite that many crypto exchanges waive off the first transactional fee to their new users. 

Occupied space

The physical asset needs space whistle the digital assets do not. This is another edge of digital assets over physical assets. Digital assets are laying on a blockchain network in encrypted form and nobody decodes them. 

Resultantly it pertains that the online digital market is becoming the future of finance or business. Established brands and businesses are accepting cryptocurrency stocks for their daily transactions to facilitate their customers. Customers just swap the crypto card at their payment desk and pay with the crypto. People like to hold their cash and assets in form of digital because the digital aspect provides confidence not to steal their assets and vice versa. 

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